What to Wear for Engagement Photos

Engagement photo sessions are usually the first time a newly engaged couples work with their professional wedding photographer. Often, it is also the first time you and your fiance have photos taken together. Making sure you’re wearing the best clothes can make a big difference in the look of your photographs.

Choose comfortable clothes: If you’re not comfortable, it will be noticeable in the pictures. Also, wear comfortable shoes if your location will include a lot of walking.

Choose clothing that compliments your personality: Make sure your clothes look like “you” and fit your personality.

Choose solid colors: Patterned prints look busy in photos and draw attention away from your face, so choosing solid colors are often best. Also, keep in mind that darker colors are more slimming.

Coordinate your clothing with each other: Wear clothes that are the same level of “dressyness.” and wear similar shades that go together. Choose clothes that look best on you, but don’t be too matchy.

Avoid tight clothing: Tight-fitted pants or tops often restrict movement and make it hard for various poses. They also show curves and can show skin that you don’t want to reveal.

Choose colors that compliment your skin tone: For example, if you have light skin, white clothing can wash out your complexion in photographs.

Plan on having a good time!

If you’re in a good mood, it will show in the pictures and you will get more great photos!

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