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Wedding at Event1013 in Plano

What a great, modern, contemporary place to get married. We were honored to document Jenny and Greg’s wedding day story in November 2011 at Event1013 in historic Plano downtown. The Event1013 venue is just a few steps from Haggard Park in Plano so we took the bride and groom for a small photo shoot before their ceremony. They were both amazing and their wedding pictures are stunning.


Bride and Groom pictures in Dallas Arboretum

The Dallas Arboretum has a reputation for being among the best wedding locations in Dallas, not only because of its stunning and unique landscapes, but because of the variety of options it affords brides and grooms. The Dallas Arboretum has gardens and lawns for accommodating hundreds of guests as well as more intimate gardens and settings. We absolutely love to spend some time in the gardens with our couples, you can not go wrong with this location for your wedding day photo session.

c55-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 01.JPGc12-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 02.JPGc57-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 05.JPGc1-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 06.JPGc19-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 04.JPGc81-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 12.JPGc87-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 03.JPGc27-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 08.JPGc63-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 09.JPGc19-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 10.JPGc80-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 11.JPGc2-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 07.JPGc100-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 18.JPGc79-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 13.JPGc53-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 14.JPGc18-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 15.JPGc84-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 16.JPGc78-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 17.JPGc24-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 29.JPGDallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 19.JPGDallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 20.JPGDallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 21.JPGDallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 22.JPGDallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 23.JPGDallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 24.JPGDallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 25.JPGDallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 26.JPGDallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 27.JPGDallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 28.JPG

Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures

The Dallas Arboretum offers a stunning settings for outdoor garden weddings in Dallas Texas. Lavishly landscaped gardens create the perfect atmosphere for the most special of wedding days. With eight unique gardens the Dallas Arboretum has something to please any and every bride and groom. The Dallas Arboretum is ideal for your Dallas weddings with amazing wedding pictures.
Amy and Nick were married in the Lay Ornamenal Garden with the reception at the Camp House.

Dallas Arboretum Wedding.002.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.001.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.003.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.004.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.005.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.006.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.007.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.008.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.009.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.010.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.011.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.012.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.013.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.014.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.015.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.016.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.017.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.018.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.019.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.020.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.021.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.022.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.023.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.024.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.025.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.026.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.027.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.028.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.029.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.030.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.031.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.032.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.033.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.034.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.035.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.036.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.037.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.038.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.039.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.040.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.041.jpg

St. Joseph Catholic Church Wedding

We were honored to be part of this beautiful wedding as wedding photographers. We absolutely LOVE to take wedding pictures at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Richardson! What an amazing church to get married. Over the years we did many weddings there but this one was very special, we know the bride since she was a little girl as well as her family and friends. Elizabeth and Bob were married here last year and we took many beautiful pictures and the bride was just stunning. Their reception was at NTX Auto Museum also in Richardson. The reception photos are in separate posting.

St. Joseph Church wedding 01.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 02.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 03.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 04.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 05.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 06.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 07.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 08.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 09.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 10.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 11.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 12.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 13.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 14.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 15.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 16.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 17.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 18.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 19.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 20.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 21.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 22.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 23.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 24.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 25.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 26.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 27.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 28.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 29.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 30.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 31.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 32.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 33.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 34.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 35.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 36.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 37.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 38.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 39.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 40.JPGSt. Joseph Church wedding 41.JPG

Dallas Athletic Club Wedding

Dallas Athletic Club is a country club known for its outstanding golf and family friendly atmosphere. Their banquet rooms provide an ideal setting for wedding receptions, and their outdoor landscape is just perfect for wedding ceremonies.
These great wedding pictures are from Jennifer and David’s wedding from June 2010. It was an amazing wedding, with lot of fun, romance and action. The reception site was beautifully decorated with flowers and pictures from their engagement session.

c74-Dallas Athletic Club wedding 04.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 01.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 02.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 03.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 05.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 06.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 07.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 08.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 09.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 10.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 11.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 12.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 13.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 14.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 15.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 16.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 17.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 18.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 19.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 20.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 21.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 23.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 22.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 24.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 25.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 26.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 27.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 29.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 28.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 30.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 31.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 32.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 33.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 34.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 35.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 36.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 37.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 38.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 39.JPGDallas Athletic Club wedding 40.JPG