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Few Tips for Your Dallas Bridal Photo Session

Scheduling your bridal photo session is one of the most exciting times of your wedding day planning and preparation. Here are some great tips to have beautiful bridal portraits.

1. Choose a perfect location.
We have several unique locations in Dallas area for your bridal session what we will suggest but if you have location what has some special meaning to you, we are open to that as well. Most of our bridal sessions are done outdoor, so you need to have a weather season on mind as well. One of the most beautiful areas are Dallas Arboretum, Las Colinas Canals, downtown Dallas, The Harbor in Rockwall, or Old Red Courthouse.

2. Do a lot of hair and make-up trial.
Your bridal shoot is the real thing so make sure that you look your best. Practice different looks with your hair and make-up artist and see what fits you : hair-up or down, what shades of make-up to wear. Just do not overdo, let your happiness and natural beauty glow.

3. Be a pro in posing.
Weeks before the bridal shoot try practicing some poses in front of a whole-size mirror. Practice your half smile, full smile, dreamy looks. Of course we will have some great advices for you for posing, but if you know yourself well, you will be much more comfortable and it will shows in your photos.

4. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and have a good rest the night before.
This will give that special glow in your skin and eyes for that perfect bridal shoot.

5. Stay away from stress.
Wedding preparations is indeed stressful with all the things you need to book and do but forget all of those in your bridal portraits so only the positive things will surface in your face. Relax and just enjoy the whole bridal shoot.

6. Book a professional wedding photographer. Make sure that you have only the best wedding photographer to capture all these beautiful shots. It will be best if this is the same photographer you will have in your wedding day. Professional wedding photographers in Dallas would be able to give a beautiful twist in any locations around our area.

7. The week or two before the bridal session, be very careful of the sun and tan lines.

8. Have a family member, bridesmaid or a friend accompany you to keep up with touch ups and to help with the dress.

9. Be on time for your bridal session!!!
Any late coming will add some stress to your face and it will show in your pictures.

10. Let your photographer know your wishes.

Enjoy your bridal photo session as much as you can. This is a once in a lifetime event, and we will make sure that it will be beautiful, creative, unique and FUN!!!

Dallas Arboretum Bridal Portraits

Dallas Arboretum was the perfect location for Ashley’s bridal portraits. She was absolutely stunning and we had a lot of fun.

Bridal portraits 01.JPGBridal portraits 02.JPGBridal portraits 03.JPGBridal portraits 04.JPGBridal portraits 05.JPGBridal portraits 06.JPGBridal portraits 07.JPGBridal portraits 08.JPGBridal portraits 09.JPGBridal portraits 10.JPGBridal portraits 11.JPGBridal portraits 12.JPGBridal portraits 13.JPGBridal portraits 14.JPGBridal portraits 15.JPGBridal portraits 16.JPG

Bride and Groom pictures in Dallas Arboretum

The Dallas Arboretum has a reputation for being among the best wedding locations in Dallas, not only because of its stunning and unique landscapes, but because of the variety of options it affords brides and grooms. The Dallas Arboretum has gardens and lawns for accommodating hundreds of guests as well as more intimate gardens and settings. We absolutely love to spend some time in the gardens with our couples, you can not go wrong with this location for your wedding day photo session.

c55-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 01.JPGc12-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 02.JPGc57-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 05.JPGc1-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 06.JPGc19-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 04.JPGc81-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 12.JPGc87-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 03.JPGc27-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 08.JPGc63-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 09.JPGc19-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 10.JPGc80-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 11.JPGc2-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 07.JPGc100-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 18.JPGc79-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 13.JPGc53-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 14.JPGc18-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 15.JPGc84-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 16.JPGc78-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 17.JPGc24-Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 29.JPGDallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 19.JPGDallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 20.JPGDallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 21.JPGDallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 22.JPGDallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 23.JPGDallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 24.JPGDallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 25.JPGDallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 26.JPGDallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 27.JPGDallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures 28.JPG

Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures

The Dallas Arboretum offers a stunning settings for outdoor garden weddings in Dallas Texas. Lavishly landscaped gardens create the perfect atmosphere for the most special of wedding days. With eight unique gardens the Dallas Arboretum has something to please any and every bride and groom. The Dallas Arboretum is ideal for your Dallas weddings with amazing wedding pictures.
Amy and Nick were married in the Lay Ornamenal Garden with the reception at the Camp House.

Dallas Arboretum Wedding.002.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.001.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.003.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.004.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.005.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.006.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.007.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.008.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.009.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.010.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.011.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.012.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.013.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.014.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.015.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.016.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.017.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.018.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.019.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.020.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.021.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.022.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.023.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.024.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.025.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.026.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.027.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.028.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.029.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.030.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.031.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.032.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.033.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.034.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.035.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.036.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.037.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.038.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.039.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.040.jpgDallas Arboretum Wedding.041.jpg

Dallas Bridal Photo Session

Bridal Shoots usually occur at least a month or two before your wedding date.

Think of your portrait session as a chance to do a dry run before your wedding. Since you will need to have your hair and makeup styled for the pictures, it gives you the opportunity to perfect your bridal beauty before the big day. This is great, as you will be able to spend some time with the results to make sure that they last over the hours and that everything feels comfortable to you. The same goes for your gown. If you notice anything that is not quite right about the fit during your picture shoot, it gives you the chance for a quick adjustment before you wear your wedding gown for real.

The week or two before the bridal session, be very careful of the sun and tan lines. Nothing can ruin a bridal portrait more quickly than tan lines, especially with today’s strapless gowns.

The location of your bridal shoot is one of the most important decisions you can make.
Our favorite locations are Dallas Arboretum, Las Colinas Canals, Rockwall Harbor, North Dallas Area, Downtown Dallas. Some parks and other public locations may require photography permits, so beware of that extra cost. We will always do some traditional shots (for Mom) as well some contemporary bridal art images, so you will have plenty to choose from for your bridal picture at your wedding reception.