Tips to Get the Perfect Wedding Photos


Hire for Style, Not Price
Most brides-to-be will tell you it’s easy to get obsessed over prices but do yourself a favor and begin your search for the perfect photog by nailing down a photography style you love.  From traditional to photojournalistic, there are styles (and combinations of styles) to fit every taste and knowing the aesthetic you want from the beginning will ensure you find a wedding photographer you love for all the right reasons!

Be Flexible!
Remember the adage “don’t sweat the small stuff?”  This is perhaps the one thing that will keep you sane come the big day, especially when it comes to your wedding photos.  It’s important to be flexible on your wedding day (disasters happen!), so if it starts to pour, grab an oversized umbrella and trust your photographer to get the perfect shot.

Get Engagement Photos
Many couples (surprisingly) opt out of taking engagements but having them taken will not only enhance your wedding invite (every guest wants to see the future Mr. & Mrs.!), it will give you and your sweetie a chance to get comfortable with your photographer and in front of the camera before the big day.

Simplify Family Photos
It invariably happens at every wedding: a few family members start to get tired of taking picture after picture, the kids begin to get restless and everyone winds up frustrated (which will undoubtedly show in the pictures).  Instead of trying to get every family photo combo possible, have a (short) list of must-haves which will free up more time for the photographer to capture candids and keep everybody happy!

Make your Preference for B&W Known
If you want some black and white (or sepia) photos in addition to the color ones, let your photographer know in advance so they can ensure the lighting and camera settings deliver a sharp, stunning black-and-white photo.

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