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Each wedding is different, just like each couple is different, and there’s no ones way to celebrate your big day. Do what you feel is right for you and your fiancée. Many couples hesitate to have a wedding day first look because they want to honor the tradition that the bride and groom not see each other until the wedding ceremony. But there are some definite advantages to arranging a first look session prior to your ceremony:
-When you and your wedding photographer arrange a first look, you have complete control over the setting. Where do you want it to be? When would you like it to take place, and how much time would you like to have together?
-After the wedding, many brides say they appreciated being able to see their hubbies before the ceremony because it calmed their nerves. This is particularly true if you don’t like being in front of people or aren’t used to being the center of attention. The first look can be such a special moment for you and your almost husband, and you won’t have the pressure of several hundred pairs of eyes watching your every move, so you can feel free to cry, laugh, talk, or kiss–whatever feels natural in that moment. For a day that’s meant to celebrate the two of you, you may not have many opportunities to enjoy time alone with each other, so this is the perfect time to do that.
-Traditionally, photos with the bride and groom together would take place during the cocktail hour, that period of time between the ceremony and reception. While the guests are sipping their martinis, the bride and groom, along with the rest of the wedding party, would go with the photographer to take pictures, meaning they would miss out on spending that time with their guests. Arranging a first look and getting some “essential shots” done before the ceremony means you’ll actually get to enjoy your cocktail hour!
You’ve spent so much time planning this day, and you should be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.



If you don’t want to break the rules and stay with the tradition not to see each other before the ceremony, you should definitely consider a moment like shown on pictures below – photo when you hold your hands before the wedding. What a sweet moment! You will LOVE this idea. We can arrange to take pre-ceremony photos without actually seeing each other – behind the door or corner walls in your church or wedding venue. You can even exchange your presents or love cards.


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