Dallas Bridal Photo Session

Bridal Shoots usually occur at least a month or two before your wedding date.

Think of your portrait session as a chance to do a dry run before your wedding. Since you will need to have your hair and makeup styled for the pictures, it gives you the opportunity to perfect your bridal beauty before the big day. This is great, as you will be able to spend some time with the results to make sure that they last over the hours and that everything feels comfortable to you. The same goes for your gown. If you notice anything that is not quite right about the fit during your picture shoot, it gives you the chance for a quick adjustment before you wear your wedding gown for real.

The week or two before the bridal session, be very careful of the sun and tan lines. Nothing can ruin a bridal portrait more quickly than tan lines, especially with today’s strapless gowns.

The location of your bridal shoot is one of the most important decisions you can make.
Our favorite locations are Dallas Arboretum, Las Colinas Canals, Rockwall Harbor, North Dallas Area, Downtown Dallas. Some parks and other public locations may require photography permits, so beware of that extra cost. We will always do some traditional shots (for Mom) as well some contemporary bridal art images, so you will have plenty to choose from for your bridal picture at your wedding reception.

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