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First Look Wedding Photos

Each wedding is different, just like each couple is different, and there’s no ones way to celebrate your big day. Do what you feel is right for you and your fiancée. Many couples hesitate to have a wedding day first look because they want to honor the tradition that the bride and groom not see each other until the wedding ceremony. But there are some definite advantages to arranging a first look session prior to your ceremony:
-When you and your wedding photographer arrange a first look, you have complete control over the setting. Where do you want it to be? When would you like it to take place, and how much time would you like to have together?
-After the wedding, many brides say they appreciated being able to see their hubbies before the ceremony because it calmed their nerves. This is particularly true if you don’t like being in front of people or aren’t used to being the center of attention. The first look can be such a special moment for you and your almost husband, and you won’t have the pressure of several hundred pairs of eyes watching your every move, so you can feel free to cry, laugh, talk, or kiss–whatever feels natural in that moment. For a day that’s meant to celebrate the two of you, you may not have many opportunities to enjoy time alone with each other, so this is the perfect time to do that.
-Traditionally, photos with the bride and groom together would take place during the cocktail hour, that period of time between the ceremony and reception. While the guests are sipping their martinis, the bride and groom, along with the rest of the wedding party, would go with the photographer to take pictures, meaning they would miss out on spending that time with their guests. Arranging a first look and getting some “essential shots” done before the ceremony means you’ll actually get to enjoy your cocktail hour!
You’ve spent so much time planning this day, and you should be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.



If you don’t want to break the rules and stay with the tradition not to see each other before the ceremony, you should definitely consider a moment like shown on pictures below – photo when you hold your hands before the wedding. What a sweet moment! You will LOVE this idea. We can arrange to take pre-ceremony photos without actually seeing each other – behind the door or corner walls in your church or wedding venue. You can even exchange your presents or love cards.


Wedding Day Timeline Tips

Your wedding day timeline is SOO important…We highly encourage brides to check with us and do the timeline together so you get the most out of your day and the best pictures possible!

  • Plan ahead to make your day stress-free! Weddings are made for Murphy’s Law – little things with uncooperative buttons & zippers, non-fitting shirts, dresses – will happen. When you build some extra time into your photo schedule to accommodate delays, you’ll look that much more relaxed and happy in your pictures!
  • It never hurts to tell your wedding party or family that pictures start 20 minutes earlier than planned. Its better to get an early to on time start than a late one.
  • The one golden rule from our years as being wedding photographers in Dallas area is this: give yourself at least 3 hours for hair and make-up; brides who follow this one simple rule is always on time and never rushed for the photo session. Almost 99.9% of the delays are due to not planning enough time for hair and make-up.
  • Make sure the you and your wedding photographer have discussed how long post ceremony photos will take. There is nothing worse than the photographer planning on an hour only to find out there is only time for 15 minutes which could lead to frustration on both ends. Preparation is key!
  • During your rehearsal dinner is a good time to let family and friends know who is going to be in your group portraits after your ceremony. Trying to organize and find family members on the day of your wedding can be very time consuming. This will save you time in the long run and you will have more time to spend with your guests instead of that extra half hour trying to locate people for pictures.
  • When planning for your wedding it’s always good to keep in mind your time line. Make sure you give yourself enough time to get the photos you want at the locations you want. Having a cocktail hour is a great distraction for guest while you are off being photographed. If you have any doubts just ask us advice.
  • Many modern brides and grooms are foregoing tradition, and seeing each other before the ceremony in order to schedule time for great portraits. The moment of the ‘First Sight’, or ‘First Look’, is still arranged and the moment is captured. By getting the creative photographs completed before the wedding ceremony, this means that the couple can go straight to the reception with the guests. And your wedding pictures with both of you will look more relaxed and not rushed.

Here are two very nice wedding day timelines free for you to download from These schedules were written specifically with your photographer in mind. You’ll find one schedule for a traditional wedding and one set up for the bride and groom to see each other and take photos before the ceremony.

Traditional Wedding Day Timeline Schedule

Wedding Day Timeline with First Look Photo Shoot

Relax and be yourself this is your special day and no one else’s. Your photographs will turn out much better if you are relaxed and happy.

What to Wear for Engagement Photos

Engagement photo sessions are usually the first time a newly engaged couples work with their professional wedding photographer. Often, it is also the first time you and your fiance have photos taken together. Making sure you’re wearing the best clothes can make a big difference in the look of your photographs.

Choose comfortable clothes: If you’re not comfortable, it will be noticeable in the pictures. Also, wear comfortable shoes if your location will include a lot of walking.

Choose clothing that compliments your personality: Make sure your clothes look like “you” and fit your personality.

Choose solid colors: Patterned prints look busy in photos and draw attention away from your face, so choosing solid colors are often best. Also, keep in mind that darker colors are more slimming.

Coordinate your clothing with each other: Wear clothes that are the same level of “dressyness.” and wear similar shades that go together. Choose clothes that look best on you, but don’t be too matchy.

Avoid tight clothing: Tight-fitted pants or tops often restrict movement and make it hard for various poses. They also show curves and can show skin that you don’t want to reveal.

Choose colors that compliment your skin tone: For example, if you have light skin, white clothing can wash out your complexion in photographs.

Plan on having a good time!

If you’re in a good mood, it will show in the pictures and you will get more great photos!

Tips to Get the Perfect Wedding Photos

Hire for Style, Not Price
Most brides-to-be will tell you it’s easy to get obsessed over prices but do yourself a favor and begin your search for the perfect photog by nailing down a photography style you love.  From traditional to photojournalistic, there are styles (and combinations of styles) to fit every taste and knowing the aesthetic you want from the beginning will ensure you find a wedding photographer you love for all the right reasons!

Be Flexible!
Remember the adage “don’t sweat the small stuff?”  This is perhaps the one thing that will keep you sane come the big day, especially when it comes to your wedding photos.  It’s important to be flexible on your wedding day (disasters happen!), so if it starts to pour, grab an oversized umbrella and trust your photographer to get the perfect shot.

Get Engagement Photos
Many couples (surprisingly) opt out of taking engagements but having them taken will not only enhance your wedding invite (every guest wants to see the future Mr. & Mrs.!), it will give you and your sweetie a chance to get comfortable with your photographer and in front of the camera before the big day.

Simplify Family Photos
It invariably happens at every wedding: a few family members start to get tired of taking picture after picture, the kids begin to get restless and everyone winds up frustrated (which will undoubtedly show in the pictures).  Instead of trying to get every family photo combo possible, have a (short) list of must-haves which will free up more time for the photographer to capture candids and keep everybody happy!

Make your Preference for B&W Known
If you want some black and white (or sepia) photos in addition to the color ones, let your photographer know in advance so they can ensure the lighting and camera settings deliver a sharp, stunning black-and-white photo.

Why your photographer could be the most important part of your wedding day!

Nobody is better placed to help your wedding day along than your chosen wedding photographer. A bold statement, but stay with us.
You’ve paid out a small fortune for other people to look after everything, and you’ll be a little bit pre-occupied of course, what with getting married etc.
The groom will go along with whatever you want, darling. As will dads. Men, huh?
Mums will help a little, enough, or a lot…I’m not going there.
And your friends have come for the party.
Your cake and flowers will be delivered. The DJ will set up later.
The venue will feed and water you. And the 90 other people you’ve invited. But not at the church, or on the boat, or even the dancefloor.

Only your wedding photographer will be focused on you through all of it. To record the day’s events, we have to always be there…around…watching. Not in your face, in the background. Experience tells us when to expect things to happen, when to nudge them along and when to stay out of the way. We might take photos of your flowers, your table plans, your decorations, but we will always know where you are and when. Right up until it’s time to leave.

We’ve joked with grooms and best men to calm their nerves.
We’ve told the bride she looks wonderful seconds before she faces the world.
We’ve asked the flower girls to jump on the page boys, just to see what happens.
We’ve filled-up when your dad’s voice cracked during his speech.
We’ve worked out which is your mum and which is your stepmum.
We’ve made friends with your labrador!
We’ve taken you both aside for a few minutes to give you a breather and remind you you’re there for each other.
Oh, and we’ve taken a few photographs too!

And yes, we are the professional wedding photographers!!!