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Bridal portraits location in Dallas area – Las Colinas

Victoria choose one of the best bridal portraits location in Dallas area – The Canals at Las Colinas. She was absolutely stunning, her hair, makeup and the wedding dress was just perfect for her. We spent about 2 hours shooting, had lots of fun and now we can share couple of pictures from her collection of 60 images. We will be posting wedding pictures from The Piazza in The Village in Colleyville soon.

Bridal pictures at Hidden Springs in Aubrey

Christie chose her bridal session at Hidden Springs in Aubrey, Texas. We were just waiting for some window of opportunity between rainy days in April and finally were lucky enough to shoot these stunning pictures with our beautiful bride Christie on one cloudy day afternoon. We didn’t have to wait for the sun, actually, we prefer the overcast skies over the full sun so we don’t have to deal with harsh shadows and unwanted sun position on location. The Hidden Springs in Aubrey is absolutely wonderful venue and we were very pleased to work there. This is a great location to create the frontpage magazine quality photos!

Bridal pictures at Hidden Springs Aubrey-6.jpgBridal pictures at Hidden Springs Aubrey-1.jpgBridal pictures at Hidden Springs Aubrey-8.jpgBridal pictures at Hidden Springs Aubrey-10.jpgBridal pictures at Hidden Springs Aubrey-3.jpgBridal pictures at Hidden Springs Aubrey-7.jpgBridal pictures at Hidden Springs Aubrey-11.jpgBridal pictures at Hidden Springs Aubrey-9.jpgBridal pictures at Hidden Springs Aubrey-5.jpgBridal pictures at Hidden Springs Aubrey-2.jpgBridal pictures at Hidden Springs Aubrey-4.jpg

SueAnn’s bridal photo collection in Las Colinas

SueAnn’s stunning bridal portraits were created in March at Las Colinas Canal – our brides favorite place. We have a several wonderful locations in Dallas area to choose from and this one is one of them. For the brides (or couples) who prefer the structural settings over the flowers like in Dallas Arboretum, Las Colinas Canal is the excellent place for their bridals and engagement sessions.

Bridal pictures in Las Colinas-5.jpgBridal pictures in Las Colinas-4.jpgBridal pictures in Las Colinas-8.jpgBridal pictures in Las Colinas-1.jpgBridal pictures in Las Colinas-3.jpgBridal pictures in Las Colinas-2.jpgBridal pictures in Las Colinas-6.jpgBridal pictures in Las Colinas-9.jpgBridal pictures in Las Colinas-7.jpg

Las Colinas Bridal Pictures

Lauren chose her bridal session location at the beautiful Las Colinas Canals. Her wedding was on October 19, 2014, with the ceremony at Bella Donna Chapel and the reception at Stonebridge Ranch Clubhouse in McKinney. The couple’s engagement session was in spring 2014 at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano.

bridal pictures in Las Colinas canals-15.jpgbridal pictures in Las Colinas canals-16.jpgbridal pictures in Las Colinas canals-5.jpgbridal pictures in Las Colinas canals-12.jpgbridal pictures in Las Colinas canals-8.jpgbridal pictures in Las Colinas canals-7.jpgbridal pictures in Las Colinas canals-6.jpgbridal pictures in Las Colinas canals-3.jpgbridal pictures in Las Colinas canals-1.jpg


Bridal pictures in Las Colinas, Irving

One of our favorite bridal sessions was Nicki’s photo shoot in Las Colinas. She is absolutely beautiful bride and so easy to work with. We had a lots of fun together and created beautiful pictures on this amazing location.

Las Colinas bridal pictures-7.jpgLas Colinas bridal pictures-1-2.jpgLas Colinas bridal pictures-10-2.jpgLas Colinas bridal pictures-11.jpgLas Colinas bridal pictures-2-2.jpgLas Colinas bridal pictures-5.jpgLas Colinas bridal pictures-4-2.jpgLas Colinas bridal pictures-9.jpgLas Colinas bridal pictures-6-2.jpgLas Colinas bridal pictures-8-2.jpgLas Colinas bridal pictures-12.jpg